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call for america on gun violence. a huge, if not elite to demand republicans not dare challenge him on what they believe would be a fiscal crime. there is a difference between capitulation. and there is a difference between understanding a tragedy and capitalizing on it shamelessly. more with this on wilbur ross who says do not blink. on fbn. only fbn. good night. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: on september 11, terrorists assassinated four in benghazi. five spent months discussing what happened that night. we went 15 days in a row to discuss the benghazi tragedy. the left wing media accused us and fox for overdoing the story. today, the state department released this report. first, something peculiar happened a couple days ago. there is a briefing. hillary clinton called for report and said this. >> i am responsible for the state department and 60,000 people around the world. decision about the security assets are made by security professionals. >> eric: that first part again? >> i'm responsible for the state department. >> okay. i'm responsible. but hillary clinton is no-show tomorrow. madam secretary bumped her
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head the other day and her doctor recommends she stay in bed. how about video link bedside? who is running the state right now? she can trun show but not testify. am i being too harsh here? >> bob: oh, no! why don't you get out of bed and come to congressional hearing? her doctor said she should stay in bed. what this report said is this is systemic failure in a lot of ways in the state department. there were no conspiracy here at all. >> you are a football guy. how many times do you play with concussion? >> five times. >> eric: how long was it before you realized you had a concussion? >> kimberly: bob is still concussed, in fact. >> eric: any reason we couldn't get testimony or say when you feel better, we'll get your testimony. >> kimberly: this is a duck and cover. clintons are great at this. i'd almost admire it but we
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need her testimony. this is quantity essential classic behavior. she doesn't want to answer the question. would you want to answer them? no. but she has an obligation to the american people. >> bob: so you think she made it up? >> kimberly: i didn't say that she made it up. but we will hear from the concussion, short or long-term memory loss. not remember much. >> eric: dog ate my homework. >> kimberly: leak you do, bob. >> eric: should she step up and say when i'm feeling better, make the testimony? what if it's after january when they swear in a new secretary of state? >> dana: what she did here is took a knee, to carry the football analogy. >> bob: very good! >> dana: thank you. i didn't plan it all day, i just came up with it. i wrote it down right here. take a knee. i can cross it off now. there are couple reasons she should. one, she has an obligation, too. several people resigned today as a result of the report. when she says i'm responsible, head of the state department,
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if something happened on our show, we are responsible we would not expect a producer to resign and say nothing. that is not leadership. not the right thing to do. third thing, she should testify because no one, the media is going to give her a pass on it. if she carries this around like extra baggage until she runs for president, she would look back and say i should have said i will testify in january. i am not saying she doesn't have a concussion. what bothered me is the spokesperson said, well, if there is an ongoing discussion about that in january, sure, we'll talk about it. >> eric: she will be there and -- >> bob: she will be there and testify. >> greg: how dare you question her motives. you so racist. wait, she is white. that doesn't work. >> dana: try again. >> greg: that's sexist. no, we haven't had a male secretary of state. how can she get a concussion
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when she is ducking everything? this is something i don't understand. is there such a thing as second hand concussion? what about the media? the mistakes, 29 failures are the same mistakes that the media suffered because they mocked them they didn't think they were serious. they have the same symptoms that the administration has, second hand contusion. loss of priorities and proportion and loss of guts. this report is not scathing to the administration. failure of the media. bigger failure for is them. >> bob: do you vote -- dana showing that imparality. but the three of you are suggesting she doesn't have a concussion? >> eric: first, you are putting words in three of our mouths. has any doctor said it's a concussion? i haven't heard it yet.
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>> greg: why don't we apply the same standard to school kids. i want a doctor's note. this report confirmed no protest to the attack. so this is remaking "jaws" without the shark. >> eric: i want to put a full screen up. no demonstrations. bob, you pointed that out. no major protests. al-qaeda is not dead after all. this one, systemic failures in benghazi, security. now, we find out there are systemic failure. >> eric: i hate to say it's not immune to government. >> bob: they said there were
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similarric failures and they were. it does not mean that hillary clinton is not really sick. >> dana: a bigger question at the hearing. not just what happened that night but the policy that the state department was responsible for implementing now considered the arab spring now, the arab winter. were we providing resources we need? this is the other thing congress would ask her. aside from benghazi we have a bigger picture of what did we not do in wake of arab spring? that is the other part of the hearing i would think she wants to testify about. >> eric: we heard president obama or carney. al-qaeda is dead.
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>> kimberly: that is someone not speaking the truth. al-qaeda and a.q. affiliates are alive and operating today and many terror experts would tell you in fact they are operating with greater strength than region. >> bob: affiliate, someone that used the name. they have direct ties -- >> eric: the media called us crazy to say we were on a story that didn't have legs. apparently it had more legs than they saw. >> kimberly: more legs than a centipede. >> greg: very good. you are learning. the same network said this is a thorough report, the same network avoiding everything we covered. will the media move to another story as if the report excuses them from the table. like it's a letter from a company. letter of apology from company that comes two months later. they moved on and you won't cash in on the coupon.
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>> dana: like there was a class action lawsuit, they found it four years ago and you get $10. >> bob: you are an analogy man. >> greg: can i make a point? >> eric: >> bob: no. she should testify for one reason. it will start in the house. house cut back on state department. >> eric: now it's us. >> bob: sure. >> eric: your point? >> greg: thrill is something called fox news dismissal syndrome. if we cover something really well, other networks won't because they think that is fox news. they don't. nay dismiss it and niss news. i feel like if you're fox news don't cover it. >> eric: pull up the last full screen i have. this is senator feinstein who made this quote. press release that had me scratching my head. look at the second paragraph. secretary of state clinton has done the right thing accepting and implementing the board's recommendation. you led in to that. she has done the right thing, but five months later. four dead americans.
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>> bob: she didn't know the problem until they had the study. >> eric: no, read the study. they asked for more security. >> kimberly: epic fail. they should have known and done the right thing. because of that, americans' lives were lost. >> dana: this is no different than the private sector. if you think of the private sector, the gulf oil spill. that ceo was out of there. i'm not suggesting it in this case but also criminal prosecutions. you get the mealy mouth responses from congress to report that media can dismiss? >> bob: that analogy doesn't hold up. in this case, they knew they had bad equipment. they allowed it to go forward. it was systemic. i don't think she had any idea. >> eric: isn't that the same case --
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>> bob: no! >> eric: that the consulate asked for more security on several occasions, and it was denied? >> bob: embassies around the world asking for more security. 9/11 approached. the problem was and you dismiss this, the house of represenrepresentatives refuse e state department appropriations they want. >> dana: that has been disproven. b. b >> bob: by who? >> dana: people who cover this with integrity like steve hayes of the "weekly standard" who knows more about this than any of us. >> eric: here is the point. >> dana: he does. >> eric: if this were a republican president and republican secretary of state and same thing happened would the left point fingers to the security breakdown? >> bob: of course they would. >> greg: i guarantee you, you won't see the same number of the late night coimmediateiance making a joke i hit my head. if george bush said i hit my head, the comedians would say how could you tell? they won't make jokes about
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this. >> bob: have you ever noticed you say imagine if this was -- >> greg: because it's true. >> bob: oh, i see. >> dana: i think in a republican administration we never would have tried to get away with this, because we would have said, it will never happen. i know one thing for sure. president bush would have said the secretary of state, you need to go up there and answer these questions. that is definitely 100% what would have happened. >> eric: leave it there. coming up, president obama launches a new gun task force and puts joe biden in charge. what will it mean for your right to bear arms? we'll discuss. plus, the president got a little irritated when jake tapper asked him a tough question. that exchange coming up next. ♪ ♪ as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: fox news just learned that hillary clinton will in fact be testifying mid-january. the report is she is in fact feeling better and will testify about benghazi.
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so we are actually going get some information about that. now, president obama holding a news conference today about stemming gun violence in america five days after the shooting at sandy hook. vice president biden will come up with proposals on how to prevent another tragedy by next month. the right to bear arms will be in focus. >> there is a big chunk of space between what the second amendment means and having no rules at all. that space is what joe will work on to try to identify where we can find common ground. >> kimberly: some people, including abc's jake tapper wonder why it took so long for the president to act. >> this is not the first incident of horrific gun violence of your four years. where have you been?
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>> here is where i've been, jake, president of the united states, dealing with the worst economic crisis since the great depression, auto industry on the verge of collapse, two wars. i don't think i've been on vacation. >> kimberly: that was not a friendly exchange. eric? >> so, i am going on vacation next week. that is the next line. just kidding. president obama -- >> bob: are you going to apologize to hillary clinton? >> eric: no, i'm not. it's fantastic she was watching our show and decided to testify. newfound respect for you. >> bob: i said she would testify and she did and congratulate you and eric should be ashamed. >> eric: about what? she wasn't testifying -- >> bob: you said she wasn't going to testify. >> eric: she wasn't until the break. she was watching. >> greg: she couldn't get the doctor's note. >> eric: who pushed the doctor's note? i didn't want to go there. i'm pro-second amendment, i wanted to wait until things
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were going on. but president obama fired the first big shot with this. he said he will commission this report. this group. he spent a minute talking about the culture of violence. he was right on. then he stopped and spent 15 minutes talking about gun violence. he is off-base. gun violence needs to be addressed and addressed with a meaningful discussion. so does violence in movies and the violence in video games and breakdown in family, breakdown of religion. to me it sounds like biden commissioned to find out what is going on with ownership of guns. >> kimberly: respect to guns. limited to that specifically. >> bob: it will be brought in. to suggest the president of the united states waited five days, this show we said we shouldn't jump to conclusions here, we should wait. up there doing what he is supposed to do as president.
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five days is quick time. >> kimberly: you think it's appropriate after what happened that he waited five days? >> bob: there is information we don't know. i agree, you need to talk about wide range of things. he made an important point. there is a big space between the second amendment arguments and those who want no rules whatsoever. >> kimberly: what do you think of the messaging? >> dana: it's not like they weren't warned the question was coming. jake tapper asked the press secretary yesterday. there are a couple ways to brief the president. when you go to jake he might asked you what he asked me. i think defensiveness is very unattractive in a leader. it doesn't inspire people to follow you. it gets people to roll your eye and go no, we answered the question.
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they should have known it was coming. give him a dig-out to say look, i understand why you are asking. this is what we're going to do. positive messaging going forward. >> bob: it was a cheap shot question. >> give me a break. >> bob: cheap shot question. >> dana: let's have a contest. >> kimberly: every time you don't like somebody you come up with linguistics problem. >> dana: now you don't like a network news reporter because he asked a tough question? >> bob: correct. >> greg: i'm all for the conversation. the broader the better. it's not just about the guns but a lot of things. taking action is a symbolic act that appears to be sincere and it isn't. gun-free zone tells everybody you are unarmed.
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gold old days, nobody knew if you had a gun in your house. people have alarm signs. in my neighborhood when they didn't have alarms because they thought the sign would protect them. >> kimberly: deterrent. >> greg: if you believe in gun-free zones put that sign on your house. but something tells me you won't. alternative solution is not say anything about whether you have a gun or not. the government should look at mental health and look at security. we spend billions in security for other countries. let's spend billions in our country. we have sky marshalls in planes. let's have school marshalls. i want to talk about a real conversation, which we're having. if you watch other networks where piers morgan is yelling at somebody. if someone walked in the studio and thrown a pie at piers morgan, the first sentence he would say is where
2:23 pm
is the security? he has luxury of security. schools don't. >> eric: is there a law in the land that you think would, they could cast to stop the gun violence? is there one out there? >> bob: 1994 assault weapon ban. >> eric: it would stop -- >> bob: it would be a step. >> eric: because crazy people wouldn't buy guns? >> bob: it would be a step. so would mental health funding would be a step. you put it together. you have can't just walk away from guns. >> kimberly: i have something amazing to get to. coming up, quinton tarantino has a new movie on christmas day. is it responsible for bloodshed in america? that debate ahead on "the five."
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you kill people. they give you a reward. >> how do you like the bounty hunting business? >> this was a clip from the new movie "django unchanged." after friday's shooting, they were asked about the role hollywood plays in encouraging real-life violence. >> it's horrible tragedy. what are you going to say about it? it's horrible. i don't think it has anything to do with that. this has gone to shakespeare
2:29 pm
day. violence on the street. >> we have to start a dialogue with the people that are going through this. it has to be some type of compassion. >> dana: when i think of quinton tarantino i immediately think shakespeare. >> greg: i love actors put on the thoughtful voice. that it's not crazy funny anymore. the japanese has very little gun violence in the culture and they have the sickest, violent movious will see. i know because i watch them. i don't think the movies bear responsibility for this. but they glorify cool. in the old days it was good
2:30 pm
versus evil. now cool being itself is over the objective truth that you find comparing to evil. he loves the cool violence. "reservoir dogs," michael madsen cut the ear off the police officer, that was a turning point. where you played cool music to a mutilating scene. get a movie called fun and games, devastating portrayal of hollywood movies. used violence. horrifying movie. >> bob: there is a lot more violence the kids see on television and gangster rap.
2:31 pm
you can't blame the movies. exposure is high. >> eric: if you can't blame them -- i'm with you. blaming a movie or video game is the same as a gun. >> people kill people. guns kill people. i know you heard that. but how is it not doing the same thing saying well, you know, it's not the movies but it's the guns. >> i don't think the kid is throwing dvds at them. >> eric: what does it have to do with it? the person pulling the trigger is killing people. not gun nor the movie he watched before he did it. >> which is why i think that president obama asked biden to look at this in totality, rather than just on swish thing. how will you in the -- in the future, how do you help a child separate fiction from
2:32 pm
reality? where does the line cross? >> kimberly: there is debate about it. tab basic cartoons they enjoy, it's violence. scaling effect. what you think your child can handle. in general, it's good idea not to expose your child to violent video games at early age. >> bob: you have a smart young 6-year-old boy. i assume he can get on the internet, right? >> yes. >> bob: that worries me. don't you worry he can get -- >> kimberly: i put locks and pass codes soren stuff. but he knows my code now. >> eric: the movie and entertainment energy, they are not taking any chances. they are by far the biggest supports -- they support barack obama and democrats.
2:33 pm
barry mire bundled $500,000 for obama. everybody knows the winestein brothers. >> bob: where are you going with that? suggesting that -- >> eric: they are making sure that the movie industry is not touched when talking about violence. >> dana: could congress do anything? pass a bill telling people what they can or can't say? >> greg: this is hard to have sympathy for tarantino when he whines when i don't remember him saying anything about the anti-islamic film maker in jail. he is a cool filmmaker and the anti-islamic filmmaker isn't a cool filmmaker. i think tarantino loves to think he has an impact on culture. he can't pick and choose
2:34 pm
culture he has impact on. >> bob: i happen to like clint eastwood. and he's a violent -- >> eric: i'm asking you what is the point? >> greg: this is a good point. there was violence in clint eastwood movies but no denying good or eel. he was killing criminals or seeking justice. >> dana: the recent one with him, the older guy, car. >> "gran tarino." with help i can get there. >> bob: what is the tribe that lives next door to him? >> dana: tribe? >> greg: i'm not going to answer that. >> dana: that feels like a trap. >> kimberly: don't answer it. step back from the trap. >> dana: all right. bob is going to tell us in the break. when we come right back, some parents in montana think christmas carols are a new form of bullying. greg is going to explain that one next. ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is washington really at a boiling point over the fiscal cliff? tonight on "special report," seemingly everyone had something to say about the ongoing negotiation after last week's shooting. they are ready for compromise. the house speaker says they need to see more movement on spending cuts and they will pass a plan "b" tomorrow. we'll sift through all of it for you, 13 days before the deadline. the long-awaited report on the benghazi libya attack has been released and it blames the state department for the security failures. there is reaction from
2:40 pm
washington. not from administration officials on camera. in the wake of the new town shooting, president obama promises bold move and swift action on gun violence and he's grilled on why it took so long. part three on the series on the cost of spending looks at what a cut means here in washington. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: they know i hate these songs. they are hoping i leave. some parents in montana want to ban christmas songs saying it's bullying. it spells danger to children's self-esteem.
2:41 pm
they are threatening the sue. they wrote bullying is a hot topic and that seems to be what is occurring here. that is articulate. while religion songs are out, they are fine with songs about frosty the snowman and santa claus, despite one mocking cold people and the other the obese. not long ago bullying was defined singling someone out for persecution. we denounce it and especially the celebrities who bully assistant to tears, kimberly. but the definition is stretched to imply any activity that implies exclusion. if everyone isn't having fun it's discrimination and therefore mean. all activities, sports and like bondage included are bigoted because they can never be equal. that is the goal. call everything bullying removes joy and replaces it with a dreary socialism. who care cares if it diminishese accusation of real bullying the way phony calls of racism match the real stuff. i hate caroling.
2:42 pm
my solution is owning a pit bull to answer to "fa la la la la ♪ >> kimberly: you have gone off the rails. >> greg: are christmas carols form of bullying? >> kimberly: no. i love christmas carols but i don't want mean-spirited ones. that is not good. >> greg: what are you talking about? >> kimberly: there are musical raps and things, christmas carols are demean nothing the spirit of christmas that are not appropriate. but i like nice christmas carols. sweet songs. >> greg: they say it's bullying. >> kimberly: how is it bullying that? that makes no sense. the fact you're engaging in that dialogue -- >> greg: that's what -- >> eric: you know what this is? you bully "the five." >> kimberly: you are bullying me. right now. >> eric: you want to do this as a monologue. and now we have christmas carols up >> greg: the remaining 18 minutes are about this song.
2:43 pm
>> bob: bullying listening to -- by the way, what is wrong with soft bondage? >> greg: insert it in the monologue. >> dana:♪ fa l la la la la ♪ >> bob: okay, producer. he put it in the monologue. what am i going to say? >> kimberly: bob, hear the voices in your head. >> greg: try to salvage this. >> dana: one of the problems with -- say that the parents in montana are well meaning, but the problem is if you don't learn about some of the songs and language and history of it you can't understand things later on. when you take literature courses in high school and college, religious references even if your parents don't take you to church you need history to participate fully in society and school and have a well-rounded education. >> bob: so read "catcher in the rive" in english class.
2:44 pm
>> eric: they took it out of school. >> greg: so your reasoning is we need to keep christmas carols in to help you in college later? >> dana: yes. learn baby in the manger. who is that? jesus. 2,000 years ago. before christ. >> greg: it didn't help you on "jeopardy" did it? >> kimberly: you see what i mean? >> dana: did you the nerve to get up there and do "jeopardy"? we are going to issue a challenge now. please, i beg you to invite greg on "jeopardy." just to watch the anxiety beforehand would be worth everything i went through to lose spectacular. >> greg: i would be at a bar for four hours beforehand and then i would win. >> dana: i won the practice round. i was winning going in the break. an then i failed terribly. but on celebrity jeopardy everybody is a winner because they provide money to charities. >> greg: eric, has the left
2:45 pm
become the humorless group of people in the world except for bob who puts lights on his house? they are interested in taking fun out of the world. >> eric: we have one lefty loveable liberal. >> bob: i love christmas. i just don't like bing crosby. he beat up on their kids. >> kimberly: why are you sa saying this? do you believe everything you read? >> bob: pretty much. christmas carols, who cares? except for chipmunks. who is the one that keeps singing that song over and over again? >> dana: mariah carey. she has a song. i like it. >> kimberly: we need help. >> dana: wham. >> greg: don't insult pham. it's -- wham. it's fantastic.
2:46 pm
biggest, most surprising news of the day. "time" magazine on the pick for person of the year. it's me. thank you for voting. actually, bob has the announcement when we get back. not me. ♪ ♪ [ whistle blows ] hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me,
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>> bob: our producer told me in break my color is papercli papercliped. if it bothers anybody -- send me collar tape. that is fine. "time" magazine announced the person of the year. can i have a drum roll, please? >> wow! nice improv. >> bob: it is barack obama. exactly right! someone who deserves to win it. congratulations mr. president. you are the man of the year.
2:51 pm
i am delighted to see that. every republican is getting gastronomic person there. >> dana: why stop there. person of the universe. decade. century. >> greg: if mitt had won the presidency, barack obama would still be person of the year. "time" is now the size of the rental agreement you get with your car. up there on your visor. >> eric: this is so lame. "time" magazine is trying to be the next "newsweek." that you can get for a dollar. >> bob: this is sour grapes or what? >> how about the four benghazi americans? >> bob: sour grapes. congratulate the president of the united states. >> kimberly: that is not a flattering shot. he is much more youthful than that. >> dana: i'm sure the press office called to complain.
2:52 pm
>> kimberly: they should have. photo approval. >> bob: second term, i think george burn did. >> eric: that is it. the only one. >> bob: eisenhower did. >> eric: time man of the year twice? i think it's just george bush. >> bob: who did they make last year? >> dana: the protester, occupy wall street. >> greg: who did you want this year? >> dana: who did i want? my person -- jasper. i have a one track mind. dierks bentley should have been man of the year. or blake shelton. g isn't that a slight -- >> greg: isn't that a slight to justin bieber? >> bob: do you find it exceptional? >> greg: i want to reiterate there are justin bieber
2:53 pm
fans -- i'm doing a visual in the shrine. >> i'm surprised they didn't to the gangnam style guy. >> bob: we have to get out of here. there is a big announcement of one member of "the five" family. we'll get right back to you. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: time for one more thing. bob will start. >> bob: a big announcement to make today. one of our co-host, andrea tantaros, has been awarded and deserves a new radio show, syndicated starting january 2 for talk radio network. she will be on 300 plus stations. congratulations to her. she earned it. here is the important thing. she is not going anywhere. she will be on "the five." she will do 9:00 to noon and back here to help with us "the five." congratulations. you have come a long way, baby. >> eric: congrats. >> greg: i was away on a bus tour. "joy of hate." i was in texas, oklahoma, louisiana. the great thing about doing the tours, people will bake you food like you wouldn't believe. it's good food. they don't try to poison you. those are fox news brownie
2:58 pm
type of cookies. this is a picture of a baby described as bob beckel. you got a lump of coal. >> kimberly: there were enough brownies to bring to us to share. >> greg: i was given gifts to everybody. >> dana: i enjoyed this fall "the voice" and i called it. here was the winner last night.
2:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> dana: several weeks ago i said she will win it. >> greg: there is no proof of that. >> eric: i got to go. roll a video. the u.n. proposition, develop nation. they now want developed nations to retroactively pay a carbon tax. this is crazy. it will cost america hundreds of billions of dollars. not to mention no proof of global warming. >> oh, no! that is it. >> kimberly: i have a quick video. time for this in russia. this is in russia. the coys are okay. it's okay. it's not animal cruelty. what happened it flipped. >> dana: that is so sad. >> bob: they were going to the meat market anyway. >> eric: how could they be okay? >> greg: they stopped the

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Clinton 6, Washington 4, Geico 4, Obama 3, Biden 3, Montana 3, Clint Eastwood 2, Bob Beckel 2, Fbn 2, Barack Obama 2, Russia 2, Quinton Tarantino 2, Campbell 2, Justin Bieber 2, Eric 2, Tarantino 2, Fa L La La La La 1, Piers Morgan 1, Fa La La La La 1, Greg 1
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